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FREE lessons available on completely voluntary donation basis for short time.

First.... The lessons are done over face to face video chat via Skype so you will need to get Skype  if you don't already have your FREE account. Or install Facebook Messengers version, for similar video chat.

Second... In order to set a time for the appointment we have to check and compare time zones.. I am in UK and the London  time zone so if you are not in the same time zone we need to work out the time difference, to set the appointment time correctly.

Third... I am going to need a bit of info about you to be better prepared for your needs.. Where you hope the lesson will bring you... What you have done so far and so on? Send as much info as you can to dailyplanit (at)   (at) =@

Did you watch the video series by Stewart Bell? I recommend you do before we start. GO HERE  this is my brother and my number 1 student.
 Or you could read the books  recommend found here BOOKs

Payment can be made via Paypal £5 click the Paypal button ...or donate button coming soon.

 OLD rules not appliable during the FREE trial period

  In order to get your 1 hour completely FREE you need to spend £100 at Amazon (via my link) so if you hadn't intended on buying anything there at that kind of price maybe this method isn't really the best for you. But if you do intend on using this method send me an email confirming you have placed an order and as soon as I see confirmation from Amazon your good to go.

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